Windows Drivers Reverse Engineering Methodology

With this blog post I’d like to sum up my year-long Windows Drivers research; share and detail my own methodology for reverse engineering (WDM) Windows drivers, finding some possible vulnerable code paths as well as understanding their exploitability. I've tried to make it as "noob-friendly" as possible, documenting all the steps I usually perform during my research and including a bonus exercise for the readers.

Setting up the lab

While in the past, setting up a lab for kernel...

.NET Grey Box Approach: Source Code Review & Dynamic Analysis

Following a recent engagement, I had the opportunity to check and verify some possible vulnerabilities on an ASP .NET application. Despite not being the deepest technical nor innovative blog post you could find on the net, I have decided to post it anyway in order to explain the methodology I adopt to verify possible vulnerabilities. If you are into grey-box approach (Source Code Review and Dynamic Analysis, SAST/DAST), new to ASP .NET applications or you are planning to take