OffSec EXP-401 Advanced Windows Exploitation (AWE) – Course Review

In November of last year, I took the OffSec EXP-401 Advanced Windows Exploitation class (AWE) at Black Hat MEA. While most of the blog posts out of there focus on providing an OSEE exam review, this blog post aims to be a day-by-day review of the AWE course content.

OffSec Exp-401 (AWE)

During the first day of AWE, the instructors shared with us the following slide: That’s to explain the “difficulty” of the course for each day. Needless to say, your mileage may...

Windows Exploitation Challenge – Blue Frost Security 2022 (Ekoparty)

Last month, during Ekoparty, Blue Frost Security published a Windows challenge. Since having a Windows exploitation challenge, is one of a kind in CTFs, and since I've found the challenge interesting and very clever, I've decided to post about my reverse engineering and exploitation methodology.

Challenge Requests

Only Python solutions without external libraries will be accepted The goal is to execute the Windows Calculator (calc.exe) The solution should work on Windows 10 or Windows 11 Process continuation is...