Naughty List Challenge Write-Up – X-MAS CTF

As the last post of the year, I decided to do something chill and a bit “off-topic” from my usual content. As the festivities are approaching, I have a bit more free time to dedicate to different stuff, like helping some friends with CTFs and such. I’ve decided to post about this specific challenge because since it wasn’t the most complex nor the one with the most shenanigans to flex about, it likely wouldn’t get any write-ups. But it’s a perfect...

.NET Grey Box Approach: Source Code Review & Dynamic Analysis

Following a recent engagement, I had the opportunity to check and verify some possible vulnerabilities on an ASP .NET application. Despite not being the deepest technical nor innovative blog post you could find on the net, I have decided to post it anyway in order to explain the methodology I adopt to verify possible vulnerabilities. If you are into grey-box approach (Source Code Review and Dynamic Analysis, SAST/DAST), new to ASP .NET applications or you are planning to take