Software Testing Methodologies & Approaches to Fuzzing

This blog post is part of a series and a re-posting of the original article “Fuzzing 101” that I have written for Yarix on YLabs.


In this article, I would like to introduce fuzz testing as part of a vast overview of software testing approaches used to discover bugs and vulnerabilities within applications, protocols, file formats and more.

Application Security

With an ever-increasing number of vulnerabilities discovered during the years, many organizations still spend little budget and effort to produce...

Announcing ECG v2.0

We are proud to announce that ECG got its first major update. ECG: is the first and single commercial solution (Static Source Code Scanner) able to analyze & detect real and complex security vulnerabilities in TCL/ADP source-code.

ECG's v2.0 New Features

On-Premises Deploy: Scan your code repository on your secure and highly-scalable offline appliance with a local ECG's installation to comply with strict code privacy policies. API Support: Easily integrate ECG's automated security testing into your continuous integration (CI/CD)...

Announcing ECG’s Closed Beta

After a lot of effort and a long month of alpha testing, today I’m proud to announce the launch of ECG’s closed beta.

What is ECG? (tl;dr)

ECG is a TCL static source code analysis tool. It is the first commercial solution able to detect real and complex security vulnerabilities in TCL/ADP source-code. Want to know more about ECG? Visit ECG's main website!

What is TCL?

TCL is a...