Malware Analysis: Ragnarok Ransomware

The analysed sample is a malware employed by the Threat Actor known as Ragnarok. The ransomware is responsible for files’ encryption and it is typically executed, by the actors themselves, on the compromised machines. The name of the analysed executable is xs_high.exe, but others have been found used by the same ransomware family (such as xs_normal.exe and xs_remote.exe). The configuration within the malware contains information regarding the encryption activities, from whitelisted countries to the contents of the ransom note. It is...

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Instrumenting Electron Apps for Security Testing

This is a re-posting of the original article "Instrumenting Electron Apps for Security Testing" that I have wrote on Doyensec What is Electron? The Electron Framework is used to develop multi-platform desktop applications with nothing more than HTML, JavaScript and CSS. It was initially developed for GitHub's Atom editor and since then it was used to create applications like Discord, Ghost, GitHub, Skype, Slack, Wire and a lot more. While for the traditional desktop application various security techniques exists in order to mitigate...

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Cerber Dropper Ransomware Analysis

Before the month ends (I’m sorry but my time was really sucked up by planning and developing the HackInBo’s CTF, that I hope you will enjoy) I would like to post this very small and brief analysis of the latest JavaScript dropper used by the Cerber Ransomware in its campaign. I would also like to thank the Hacktive Security’s guys for the following sample: Dropper: MD5 afd5aa687ed3931d39f180f8e15500e1 SHA1 11460389a303e58086a2b7dbdab02437fb001434 SHA256 8b00174be5f9dd6a703bc5327e1be4161cd3922ca9a338889717370b53d4ca71 Cerber Ransomware: MD5 2dd3bd1801989ff6625aa041761cbed3 SHA1 08f28d5a7d32528fdb2b386334669d6b2b4226cb SHA256 a27c202bffde364fc385e41a244649e8e7baaec97c44c45cd02bb59642e1fb0e This time I will not...

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Reportage: HackInBo 2014 – Winter Edition

Lo scorso fine settimana, 11 Ottobre, si è tenuto a Bologna la terza edizione dell’HackInBo (HackInBo Winter Edition). In questa edizione, si è parlato di: Mobile Security. L’evento, come sempre, è rivolto a tutti quelli che per lavoro o per passione vogliono approfondire gli argomenti riguardanti la sicurezza informatica; anche quest’anno i talks sono stati tenuti da professionisti affermati nel campo dell’IT security Italiano. Trovate il link alle slide dei relatori nel titolo del loro intervento. In apertura, il talk di Federico Maggi (ricercatore...

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Analisi di un Dropper

Come primo articolo di "ricerca" vi presento l'analisi di un Dropper, anche conosciuto come Downloader: vediamo assieme che cos'è! Dropper/Downloader: il dropper è un software, solitamente componente di malware generici/trojan, programmato per poter installare "silenziosamente" il vero e propio codice virale sul computer target. Parliamo di downloader quando il malware deve essere scaricato prima dell'esecuzione. Il dropper è comunemente associato ai crypter e ai binder poichè utilizza varie tecniche di occultamento per bypassare le protezioni del sistema, degli Antivirus e dell'utente. Tipologie: Dropper: molto...

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