Over the course of my career I have carried out hundreds of Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration tests and Red Team engagements; I am well known in the market for my particular skills in this field.

A short listing of consultancy services I can offer can be seen below:

  • Penetration Test and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Vulnerability Research and Exploit Development
  • Application Security and Source Code Review
    • ECG, the first and the only commercial solution able to detect real and complex security vulnerabilities in TCL/ADP source-code.
  • Red Teaming/Adversary Simulation and Social Engineering
  • Security Automation
  • IoT, ICS and SCADA Assessment
  • Training Courses
  • Underground Intelligence (Dark Web monitoring and research)

I had provided security services to both corporate and VIP clients but due to the confidentiality agreements between me and my customers, I cannot disclose their names. Below is a list of sectors in which I have carried out activities of this kind.

  • Automotive
  • Aviation & Space
  • Banks, Financial Services & Insurance Companies
  • Central Public Administration and Government
  • Health Institutes & Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Law Enforcement, Military & Defense
  • Luxury & Fashion
  • Oil & Gas
  • Online Markets and Trading Companies
  • Telephone Companies and Network Providers (ISP)